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           Guitar and Vocals

Often found with an acoustic guitar in hand and a new song in the works, Justin has been writing original music for over two decades. His passion for playing live and writing great rhythm and hook based rock songs about everyday life has taken him to stages across Canada. He looks forward to playing the next one for you!

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           CHRIS TOWLE



Playing on stages around Canada for the past 20 years, Chris is deathly allergic to cover songs and only plays originals. New to Calgary and looking forward to shaking things up.

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The Lost Pawns are an exciting four-piece Calgary band playing all original rock music. Heavily inspired by 90's grunge, they have an authentic Canadian Rock sound.

Coming together in 2021, the band is the culmination of twenty years of songwriting and performing by Justin Matthews, the creative force behind the Pawns. Writing  songs on an acoustic guitar and then electrifying them with  long-time friend and musical partner, bassist  Chris Towle, the two form the core of the Lost Pawns


The band lineup has evolved and changed over time. With the new addition of lead guitarist, Isaac Cameron and Adam Logullo on drums they are all set and have never sounded better!

A live band first and foremost, they have been playing shows, music festivals and private events in Calgary and Southern Alberta consistently, building momentum and gaining fans along the way.

In late 2021, they jumped into the recording studio to capture the magic. With over 30 previously unrecorded songs to choose from, they selected 6 that best represented their musical style. Working with local producer, Emre Cords, at Em Records they laid down their Debut EP "Artifacts", which is available on all streaming platforms. Their album showcases the band's grungy, Canadian rock sound with its catchy riffs, inspiring lyrics and harmonizing vocals that are sure to get you singing along.

The Pawns had a busy 2022 and start to 2023 promoting "Artifacts" at shows and festivals around Southern Alberta, including Waynestock, Wright Wranch, Bentagain, the Ship and Anchor, Langdon Firehouse, the Brickwell, the Border Crossing, the Blind Beggar, Hazzard County B&G and Leah's B&G. They are looking forward to heading into the studio to record their second album!

Big shout out to all the friends and fans that have supported The Lost Pawns along this incredible journey! See you at the next show!

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